Bog Easy Train Station Solution

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BOG  EASY  TRAIN  STATION -- what I experienced

Short Answer: To the left of the Ticket Booth is a wooden platform and a power box.  While Oswald is zapping the power box, have Mickey place a TV Sketch on the wooden platform.  After you go through the Projector Screen from Old Town to Blot Alley, you can turn around and come right back.  Anyway, it has to be later, when you come back, so the station master will be on the dock.  Talk to him.  Drop a TV between him and the station, to get him to move closer to the station.  Talk to him.  Drop another TV closer to the station.  If necessary, talk to him again and drop another TV.  Soon, he will say that he will open the station, and will be inside.  TO  COMPLETE  THE  TASK, you must go and talk with him while he is inside the ticket booth, and get a pin.  Later, you must talk to the Conductor at the Mean Street Station.
- - - -
I suggest buying an Anvil from Ventureland and coming back out, before going to Bog Easy.   Anvils will come in handy to drop on enemies and things.

When you first arrive in Bog Easy, you take care of a Beetleworx machine generator/replicator, by painting and zapping the power box next to it, or thinning the red eye inside the doors, when it puts out a new machine.  If the doors are closed, destroy the machine on the dock, so it opens the doors when it puts out a new one.  (Anvils are great to drop on them.)

When you enter a store, buy a TV sketch, that you can use to energize the train platform (and distract enemies and even climb on).

IF YOU NEED MONEY, there are three chests on top of the Bog Easy Store, and one chest by thinning out the thing left of the store door. You will set up a routine: chest next to the store; crates next to an area sticking out; paint and jump to roof; face the cliff and go all the way to the right corner to spin three chests; thin an orange trap door in the store's roof and drop down; use your "open door" button; use your "open door" button; and you are outside, to go through the routine again -- and are a hundred dollars richer!  It keeps resetting every time you drop into the store, so you can get as much money as you want.

At some point, exit the back door out of the store, and you meet the train station master, way far from the train station.  Talk to him.

Go take care of the Beetleworx generator that is on that dock, and spin away the jumping chicken enemies along the entire dock.  Leap over thinned sections of the dock (aware that the frogs keep thinning the dock.

To the left of the Train Station Ticket Window is a wooden platform and a power box.  Get power to the train station by quickly tapping the button that has Oswald electrify the platform power box that is left of the train station.  While Oswald is automatically zapping, have Mickey drop a TV on it.  It may take a couple tries to synchronize both activities.

THE  STATION  MASTER  STILL  IS  NOT  EVEN  ON  THE  DOCK!  Even after you have made sure there are no more enemies, even down by Louis' shack, and no matter how many times you go back and talk to him, he still will not come over.

Go to Old Town and do other stuff.  I believe you must bomb or get the Beetleworx to break the wall between Old Town and the projector screen to Blot Alley  AND  you must go to Blot Alley in order to get the station master to come to the dock.

After going through the projector screen, you can go back through the screen and do more stuff in Bog Easy, including the Train Station -- or you can come back later (but not too much later or the earthquakes will permanently destroy it.)

At some point, the station master will come to the dock, and tell you he wants to watch TV instead of work. You have to lure him to the station by getting him to move little by little toward the station.
Drop a TV between him and the station, so he will walk a little bit to watch TV. Talk to him. Then, drop another TV closer to the station. Talk to him. It should not take more than three TVs for you to get him to open shop.

When he is inside the train station ticket booth, talk to him again. 

At some time, report back to the station master in Mean Street South Ticket Booth, again, too, to get full credit.  (He is the one who originally assigned you to fix all the train stations, and most Quests have a "Turn In" person.

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hey i went back and did this, i haven't went through the bog easy town ya know the one with the bells? i did find that gremlin though that was hidden i had missed that when i was playing the other nite. i hadn't used thinner on that wood nor was i looking either. anyways i went back got the boots from the chest. and went back and started the jugband for the ghosts. and i also got the 


train station working from your instructions. that really helped me a LOT! one thing i haven't done though is go back to the jugband and unpaint it for that dude in the shack to ask you a favor which i still don't know what it is he even wants? anyways



i did get the paper to give the buidling rights to someone? i dunno who to give it to at the top of my head. but it's a who will you give it to thing? and i am at the grave yard and i figured out with frustration mind you how to open that door and i found that gear and the ghost who's name i forget asks me if i want to sell him the real gear so he can give me a fake one cause he'll give me something. or do i say no and keep the real one. that's where i stopped cause i couldn't make up my mind. any help? 

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Glad you're getting so far, and glad to be of help.

The first place after the barge, with buildings and a graveyard is Old Town.

Then, through the projector, with Ghost Ian, the spatters, and the bells is Blot Alley -- because Spatters and Spladooshes are Ink Blots.

I suggest not doing what Louis in the shack says -- don't ruin the Jugband by spraying thinner in its funnel.  Just keep helping the two ghosts.  You do not get a pin, now, for ruining it.  And, you get very little scrap metal.

I suggest doing the right thing by Donald's Tugboat, talking to Donald, and taking the real gear to Gremlin Sparks in his forge by the train station, then going back and talking to Donald, then talking to Daisy in her CNN studio in Ventureland.

Ghost Gilbert is even lying to you that you'll see something great if you give Gremlin Sparks the wooden fake gear.  (I saved the game on an SD Card, and tried both ways.)

I suggest giving the Deed to lying Bertrand the Magician, because it is easier.  If you look in your Pause Menu and Quest Menu under "A Friend In Deed", you will see that it branches off to the 2 paths, but, with either one, you eventually get the same pins -- plus 2 from playing a game with Bertrand.  (With either path, you can get all the pins in the game.) 

If you need help completing that Magician Quest, let me know, and I'll itemize where to go and what to do.

But, if you give it to the lying woman, she promises you ... but, you'll be sorry until way after the credits run!

I'm going to sue both of them for breach of contract.

Also, don't listen to a lot of the characters, including Oswald and Gus.  They tell you to do things that are not nice.

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such as? all i see about the magican is these hats, the ghosts keep saying i 'm missing painting stuff but i can't seem to find what i'm missing either. 

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1)  MAGICIAN -- After you give the Deed to Bertrand the Magician, go talk to him in the shop he set up next to the graveyard.

Instead of giving you the reward he promised, if you gave him the deed, he jerks you around and tells you that he needs you to go spin 5 hats, that will scare his magic rabbit back to the big hat he has in his shop.  After you have did your spin move on all the hats, go back and talk to him.  When you play your game with him, keep track of the two pins you get -- so you don't have to keep playing afterward.  (One time, it took me 42 times to get both pins.)

HAT #1:  Across the street from Bertrand's new shop is a store.  On top of the store is a Fireworks Bomb Dispenser.  Standing on the roof, looking at the dispenser, go right, to a slightly lower level.  Look around it, and on that little space is a Magic Hat, that you couldn't see while on the roof.  I ran past it several times, dragging bombs.  Anyway, spin it.

HAT #2:  Left of the train station and power platform, there is a dark area.  Spin in it, and you will spin the hat.  It is right by the wooden platform.  If you have already spun a hat and released the rabbit, then you will get money.

HAT #3:  On top of Louis' Shack -- the mean man who told you to ruin the Jugband.  He is way at the end.  Jump on his roof.

HAT #4:  On top of the Store that sells TVs.  Near the orange thin-able trap door -- on your way to the three chests.  It is really close to the rock wall.

HAT #5:  If you look at the front of the store area from where you first entered through the projector screen, you see two things projecting from the building.  One is a bright orange ?wagon? and one is part of a building.  Inbetween those two things is part of a wall that can be thinned, so you can go inside a room and find the hat.

- - - - -


Paint everything between the Projector Screen where you first entered and the Projector Screen where you leave Old Town.  On the roofs, trees, buildings, shack, railing by shack, rope railings, top of forge.  The place I missed was inbetween the store and  the building sticking out -- near the place where a hat is inside a building part.

I feel like the game just jerks you around, because I felt I had them, and they would not give it to me.  i went through the projector, and when I came out, I talked to the one closest to the water, and he gave it to me -- without me doing anything more.

(Same thing with completing my Spirits -- I was standing between the fire station and the robot head, taking notes, when the game made a noise that I had gotten it!!!  Some times I do not understand the programmers.)

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If you go back to where you first started Bog Easy, now there will be two people standing on the dock, outside the front door of the first Bog Easy Store (instead of the back door that looks like an outhouse with  a crescent moon).

That is where Bertrand the Magician and a woman (Metourie) have appeared, and both want the deed.

- - - -

To get there, from Old Town with its graveyard, where the building was repaired and you got the deed, go back across, using the spinning tugboat.

Then, go halfway down the dock, by the Jugband, and cross to the little outhouse building.  Go in, whether or not you "hafta go".

In the store, buy me something (cus I am a woman) and go out the other door.  (I was joking about buying women things.)

There are the two people, who won't share the place -- so one can operate a business and the woman can have a place to sleep.

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ok i found the couple but who do you suggest i give it too? 

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Do not spin all the magic hats before talking with him on the dock and in his new store -- that you fixed in Old Town.

- - - - -

I suggest giving it to the man, Bertrand the Magician.

Then, find him in the store and listen to him.

Do what he says, then go back.

Keep track of what pins you get -- I mentioned it earlier, before you were ready.

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ok well i'm done playing it for tonite though. but thank you. i waited until you replied before i did anything. and for my PS3 it says i have 14% now. 9 trophies so far. 

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Did you feel that?  It was an earthquake!

If you let the 4 train stations go for too long, they will be permanently ruined by the earthquakes, and you will never be able to get them operational.  They will be shuttered.

Now is a good time to make sure all 4 of them get fixed.  It will make the game easier to have them to warp with -- and you fulfill a Quest, and Your stats may show a higher percentage of the game finished. 

1)  Mean Street South

2)  OsTown -- Put fairy dust on top of the building to raise a tower on top.  Then, paint all the sides and top.  Then, talk to the man in the ticket booth.

3)  Bog Easy

4)  Ventureland -- Talk to the man in the ticket booth, and drop an anvil on the brown stuff to the right of the ticket booth, that looks like the roof tower fell down.  Then talk to the man in the ticket booth, again.

You will know that they are all fixed when you can see their names on the map, and the ticket master offers to sell you a ticket there.

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well mean street is done, and so is Ostown. i also did the bog easy one so that's 3. i just need to do the venture land one and i'll have all 4 fixed. 

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Ventureland is the easiest -- if you have bought an Anvil for $500 from the Ventureland Tiki Store, that is the first building on the left, when you enter.

When I did my "fast runthrough", I still spent 21 minutes doing the "Easy Money" routine above the Bog Easy Store, to get money to buy watch, TV and Anvil sketches.

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well i don't have an anvil yet i don't think. a tv yes i do have that one. 

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Up in the top-right corner, you should bae able to see all your sketches.

You use the same button to "Use  A  Sketch" as you do to "Scroll through your sketches to see which one you select to use".

To scroll, you slightly tap the button, until the one you want is on the bottom.

To use it, just hold down that button longer.

For the PS3, you slightly press the  R1 button to scroll through the sketches;

When the sketch you want is selected -- like being on the bottom -- You firmly press for a couple seconds the samd  R1  button, to cast the sketch spell.

- -- - -

Its your game, to play as you choose.

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well i didn't have an anvil i guess i missed that. i did buy it and talk to Daisy and she gave me a pin or something? for helping Donald Out and getting him home in time for their date. he he. 


anyways. i also fixed the train station like you said so all 3 of them are now fixed. i have since quit the game cause i didn't feel like playing anymore. 

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There are 4 train stations: 

Mean Street South


Bog Easy


You can talk to the man in the ticket booth to make sure it is fixed.

- - - -


I can assure you that the videos you watch of the area are not going to do it the way I suggested:  Drop a watch, sneak a peek at where the things are from afar, Drop a TV to occupy the spatter or spladoosh; spray paint it; spin it if it stops watching TV; paint them.

Other people will do it differently.

It is your game to figure out what works best for you.