Beaten my own speedrun time - UNDER 90 MINUTES

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That's right. My previous record was just under 3 hours, but today I was able to run through the game in UNDER ONE AND A HALF HOURS. 1hr 26 mins, to be exact. No lie. This is how I did it, using special methods to shave off precious minutes:

- Followed everything I did before, skipped cutscenes etc, except I now mashed through more dialogue. Saved about 3 minutes total there I think.

- Employed a cheat at the Dragon boss enabling me to skip the entire first half of the fight (an example of it is here, on hwh5ff's playthrough: which saved me about 7 minutes, easily.

- Dropped a TV sketch in front of the Prescott boss, makes it so much easier as you can casually blast away at him while he watches TV (couple it with the watch sketch (which I didn't have) and it basically becomes utter child's play - he watches TV in slowed time, giving you about 15 solid seconds to shoot at him. Easy); saved me about 15 minutes, I reckon.

- Didn't waste time gathering money (except for TV sketch and Pete Pan) and tried not to die. I practically shot through most areas. You should've seen me in Fort Wasteland - I was in and out in under 10 minutes! Whoosh!

- Finally discovered I could just leave the Beetleworx in Bog Easy - so I did. Shaved off about 5 minutes.

- In Ventureland, I employed a cheat; instead of bothering with anvils or Hook's clothes, I hopped up on top of the DNN building and then onto the thinner chute over the water wheel (you can just barely stand on the very edge of it - BARELY); from there, it's an easy jump to the walkway and the door in the tree, thereby rendering the entirety of Ventureland completely pointless; you can do it in about 3 minutes if you're good (I did it in about 4 and a half, I think).

- Bribed Pete Pan, mashing through his dialogue.

- Autotopia was admittedly a sticking point. I died once (the only time in the run) due to that annoying Blotworx at the end, and Oswald kept throwing himself off a cliff (OK, the thinner knocked him off, but same thing!) but I think I made it through faster than last time. Definitely one of the more annoying areas, thanks in no small part to the obnoxious 'loading screen doors' as I call them.

- I actually did the Attic the good way as it can be finished in about 4 minutes this way - destroying them, as I did before, takes a lot longer.

- Used thinner on the Mad Doctors' claw, meaning I skipped the first half of the spiderbot battle. I made sure to bring some Thinner Guardians and just shot them all, one after another, at the Doc. The final boss therefore took me about 20 seconds, no lie, taking off about 13 minutes (I didn't have Guardians before).

- Skipped the ending and skipped the credits by pressing B (thanks for the tip katydiddd!), taking off about 12 minutes. I then instantly quit the game after the Pete scene as fast as I could, then headed to the save game selection to see my time. There it was, staring me in the face: 1hr 26 mins.

There you have it, folks. EM2 can be beaten in under 90 minutes. Heck, we all knew it anyway, but there's proof! I can take a photo of the save file if you like to show you.

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Good job, buddy.

Anyone who has watched your videos knows that you just mash through the game, even when you are not doing a time trial.  For example, in EM2's Part 15, the Floatyard, you showed how to do Stromboli's paint and thinner paths, then you jumped the drums.

I've been over there, but I went the chicken route, through the clown, and spraying the cuckoo clocks.

The cheat ledges in the first boss dragon were facinating.  I have spent time looking and jumping around that "cheat" ledge, but couldn't do much.  I would go through Jiminy's tongue, and after a couple squirts, the rock stairs would fall, and I could avoid any more dealing with the dragon -- just thinning the supports.

The only improvement I can think of is with bribing Pete Pan.  I took the time to get money for all the sketches, but not $500 for Pete Pan.  I went to the right, thinned the masks to get yellow, invinsible ink, and walked through the thinner falls, to get to the construction yard.

For autotopia, I dropped anvils on the pads -- but you can just stand on them and get sprayed, then get health from the fruit of the thinned trees.

With Oswald, I am the mommy, constantly holding his hand by pressing the minus button every couple seconds, so he isn't getting lost.


Thanks for the update and the details for others who want the complete speed run, or just want to get to a certain place in the XBox or PS3 replay, to get other trophies.

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The good thing about that Dragon Boss shortcut ledge, is that if you miss it or take too long, you can quit, by using the HOME button, and then restart the game where you entered the area, without having lost any time on the official game clock.

I had forgotten about how meanly programmed the MINUS, 1 and 2 buttons are (not the typical "on button up...", but needing a really quick tap).

So, Oswald would not follow, took time to materialize, flew too low, got his head stuck in the low balcony, etc.  So it took me a few tries to get to the ledge.

Thanks for the info.

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DESTROY  THE  TRAIN  TUNNEL  DIORAMAS -- The quicker, thinner path of Epic Mickey 2.

The person who did the video you linked to (hwh5ff), also tried to Destroy the Dioramas at 

The video helped, but did not get it down to the bare bones, for a fast run-through, and I don't have all the answers.  We are all just flying by the seat of our pants.


1)  Thin the arms.  While Oswald electrifies each power box, thin out the cover next to it, and both arms will stop.

2)  From on the left arm, spray thinner at the face, and the holder behind it will thin, so the face will fall into the water.

3)  Release the blotworx in the jail, and destroy them.

4)  It will be announced that the way to the next area is clear.


1)  Up in the rafters, have Oswald throw a boomerang to break what is holding the Mad Doctor's Snowglobe.  Then, thin the wood beside it.

2)  I recommend killing all the monsters, even releasing the one in the jail, before doing the last task -- and then you just have to worry about the big guy, without two other spinners on your tail.

3)  On the right side of the room, push the RR tracks toward the center, so the train goes into the thinner.

4)  In the back, wait for the cut-out to be over the thinner, then thin the board it is on to drop it into the thinner.

5)  When you have done the last task, a big monster is released.  Kill the monsters -- using watches, TVs and Anvils.  The big monster needs to have his face spun off, then have him stop to watch TV, before spraying the blotling that comes out to watch TV (I just drop an anvil on him).


1)  Drop watches and TVs to settle the spatters and thin them.

2)  Thin a little area on the right to ride an air draft to the top.  Jump on the electrified tracks and push the Hanging Blot off the edge, away from the electric tracks.  (Or, there are other ways to get up there.)

3)  Gus wants you to turn a handle to fix the wobbly spring.  Mcbasilrocks shared that we can just thin the spring!!!  Thanks!

4)  When the Diorama changes, look for the fireworks dispenser in the front, left corner.  Drag a bomb to the rear left, beside the monster face, and detonate it.

Make sure all spatters are gone, and the gray doorway in the middle will open.

- - - - -

A lot of other stuff is unnecessary.

(But, I still think taking the time to activate the power box on top of the cinema, before going to Bog Easy, getting $500, makes it quick to get the Bog Easy TV for $250, warp back, take the cartoon to Ventureland, buy the Anvil for $250, and warp back to the cinema and Bog Easy.  It is slower than you bulldozing enemies, while I am on a box dropping sketches.)

Care to share more tips?  If you write it out better, I'll delete this.

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Several times you have inspired me to get EM2 out.

So, after all this time, my speedrun is an hour longer than yours -- which is good, considering our personalities.

My 3 slots are:

2 Hours 28 Minutes

3 Hours 15 Minutes

and a complete game at

21 Hours 52 Minutes.

That complete game has all the quests, challenges, pins, and film reels -- except shuttering the train stations and getting Metoire's pictures (because I did Bertrand's Magic Hats).  I'm sure the 3 concept arts are absent, too.

But, the last save date on that slot is May 7, 2013 -- which means I have opened the game to check on things and answer questions. 

(and I wasn't watching the clock, and would leave the game running while writing notes, getting food, etc.)

Even with all the time it takes me to get the Autotopia 3-races pin, and gather extra cloth, EM2 is a really  SHORT  half-game.

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Nope. I couldn't have written it better myself. Keep your little guide up, it's super useful for those speedrunning. I do have one tip to share, though - in the Blot diorama, you say to blow up the Blot on the spring with fireworks. You can actually do it a lot faster just by thinning the spring the Blot prop is on. Apart from that, I can't think of anything else. Good work!

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Thanks.  I didn't even think of thinning the spring.  I'll edit the instructions.