Any new story/enemy after Mad Doctor?

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I didn't listen to the reviews, but bought this game... I defeated the Md Doctor within 3 days and was expecting more story from the game. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any... Extremely disappointed. I will be happy if someone tells me that there are more stories after Mad Doctor. Otherwise, listen to the reviews and don't waste 50 bucks for this crap.
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I hope somebody answers!!! I did not buy the guide, but I think there is more. After the Mad Doctor, when you press the Pause Button, you get "EPILOGUE: Work together to use the turnstile and open the way forward."... I think it is the turnstile in the OsTown Fountain. I am not able to get water into it, but there is an inactive transportation tube beside the Gag Factory.... When you use the turnstile and go down one floor, there are two sets of transportation tubes. One must lead back to OsTown. ... It is possible that the other leads "forward". - - - Earlier a character on Mean Street wanted Mean Street united. Maybe.
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Really? My epilogue just says: "Continue Exploring Wasteland". It's a little weird.

edit: ok, now I've got the turnstiles message. hmm.

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Back to the question of any new enemies after the Mad Doctor, if you watch the credits or hold down the "skip" key, a gremlin gets abducted by Big Bad Pete and others, and goes through a projector screen. It looked like my old friend Gus or Prescott, who were there during Epic Mickey 1. YOU HAVE TO SAVE HIM! You have to unite the North and South. The Jamaican ladies on Main Street North talk about some other project. You have to get blue paint water in the fountain in OsTown.

BUT, I suspect the makers of the game truncated the game and will continue after you plop down more money for Epic Mickey 3. (I think I paid full price for half a game!)

Epic Mickey has a complete ending, with all the loose ends tied up neatly. I am sure EM2 did not start out to be a 2-part game with all the glitches it has. Maybe, they ran out of time to get it released for the holidays, or maybe they got half-way through and thought they could make us buy another game to get a satisfying ending (Yes, I used paint and got the good ending, but it still wasn't complete and satisfying).

Anyway, after the Mad Doctor, you have done the three episodes of boss fights, and collected photographs of the 12 monsters for the camera shop's Rogue Gallery.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Disney Interactive Studios.

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I am almost expecting a big hidden secret to be discovered, once someone in the world figures out how to use the turnstiles and "open the way forward." Like a whole new half of the game, as yet unrevealed. Maybe not. But there should be.