Answer: Getting Clarabelle to be Horace's New Assistant

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Answer: Getting Clarabelle to be Horaces New Assistant. Someone had a real frustrated post, that got deleted. My experience was the same as his. I did all the things: Found the six parts of Tedworths teddy bear; Went to Clarabelle; Talked with Ortensia; Got flower costumes for her spatters; Got a note from her; Took it to Horace AND WHEN I GOT TO HORACE, EITHER GUS OR OSWALD WOULD NOT GIVE IT TO HIM. I kept doing all sorts of things, before giving up and deciding to let a pirate be the assistant. - - - In Ventureland, I talked to the fat pirate, then the skinny one walking with a musket, and I took a picture of him looking at the compass. Later, I talked to him, and he admitted it and gave me the compass. I took the compass to Horace in his office in Main Street South. He talked and talked. Finally, he asked if I had any other suggestions. I had to leave and come back Clarabelle was at the typewriter. - - - -