About how long is this game?

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Barring sidequests and collectibles, how long is the linear story mode in this game? I'm thinking of getting it, but I'm not paying through the nose for something that's not at least 15 hours long or more. Since the original lasted about 16 hours, I'd expect this to be longer, though I've seen several reviews saying it can be beaten in as little as four hours. Is that true? If so, that's absolutely ridiculous. Anyone beaten it yet and can give me their playtime? Thanks.
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Don't buy it... I defeated Mad Doctor within 3 days... Not much adventure at all...
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So, Mcbasilrocks and others,

Now that you are an expert, have you paid attention to the time on any of your games?

When you choose between the three available game slots, it gives the elapsed time and date above your other stats.

On 12/15/2012, I tried a fast runthrough. I ended up with 3 hours 15 minutes for a game without the quests and collectibles. I'm sure others can do it faster, because I spent time getting money for the watch sketch, then 21 minutes on the roof of the Bog Easy Store getting money for a TV and anvil -- because I decided I liked the chicken way of fighting monsters.

The first boss only took 3 minutes, because I entered through the gulch tongue, so as soon as I dropped down, a rock stairway opened to the upper level where I dropped watches, thinned roof supports, and spun head-butt spatters.

The second boss took me half an hour, because Prescott's Arena had Oswald trying to come near me to attract fire and hurt me when it would be aimed at him.

- - - - -

In another game slot, it took me 25 hours 49 minutes to get all the quests -- but it takes me much longer to sit in the Pin Trader and figure out what pins I am missing and find them.

- - - -

How about you? I think you are even more disappointed that you expected !!!

But, this is your chance to bump this topic to the top, again.

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Just speedran it. Here are the criteria I followed:-

Skipped all cutscenes, mashed through all dialogue.

Took Thinner path in Dark Beauty Castle.

Took fireworks route in Mean Street.

Skipped sidequests.

Used Prescott method in OsTown.

Took shortest route (Angel) through the caverns. Used one battery sphere in Disney Gulch, then exited through the Jiminy Cricket head.

Used Paint method on Dragon boss. Skipped to second half due to the way I left the Gulch.

Ignored the Beetleworx in Bog Easy.

Thinned the Spatters in Blot Alley.

Didn't help Petetronic.

Broke all three dioramas - this cuts a lot of time off.

Took the clock route through Fort Wasteland.

Took the DEC to the Floatyard - it's quicker.

Speedran the Floatyard, destroyed Alice's house.

Used the thinner method on Prescott.

Made my own way in Ventureland - didn't bother with Daisy or Smee.

Bribed Pete Pan.

Destroyed the construction site.

Had Oswald reprogram the Guardian siphons in Autotopia. This is considerably faster.

Took the upper path through World of Evil - it is shorter, but not by much.

Killed Jamface in the Attic.

Used Paint against the Mad Doctor.

Skipped the ending.

TOTAL PLAYTIME (reading this directly from the screen right now): 1hr, 33 minutes.

But the clock doesn't add on the unskippable 11-minute credits, so in reality it's:


Does anyone want to take a shot at beating that?

Still severely disappointed with the game's length.




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I knew you are a bulldozer!

I really thank you for sharing and educating.

In Autotopia, I drop anvils on the pads, instead of standing on them.

Nintendo Wii can skip the credits.  Ordinarily to skip cutscenes, my console requires me to hold down the "A" button, but for the credits, I press "B" to skip them. 

My Hero !!!

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Speaking of the credits, do you have ANY idea why the credits song is in Spanish? Localisation hiccup? Glitch? Rushed game?

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1)  I think that the Credits Song has at least 5 languages not counting what The Mad Doctor says in English.  So, if you get a written copy of the lyrics, it would be easier to analyze and translate it.
England had been ruled by France, so half of the words we use in English are of Romance origin, making them close to Italian, Spanish, and French.
The other languages sound like German and Russian.
- - - --
2)  When the game started with an earthquake, I thought it was   MY   Disneyland in Anaheim, California, USA.  They close certain rides for a little while after earthquakes, for inspections that may last an hour, before reopening them.  So, I imagined Epic Mickey 2 was taking place there.  But, Paris is close enough to the Alps Mountains, and Tokyo is on the Pacific Rim of volcanic activity due to tectonic activity, so everyone is vulnerable to earthquakes.

3)  I have been to Basic Disneylands in Anaheim, Orlando, and Tokyo, which all have the same Main Street and Hub.  (Disneyland Paris wasnt open when I went past on the Highway, but I assume it has the famous layout.)  

4)  The Dark Beauty Castle in Epic Mickey was a combination of all the castles.

5)  Jamface always greets us in French, Bon jour, mes amis!

CONCLUSION:  I think the song was copyrighted in 2010.  I think they had more money than brains spending money on extras, when they did not have the basic story and programming done.  
Plus, in the end, they were rushed for the holiday release, moving to a new location, and bleeding money.  They didnt finish the story, and didnt fix the glitches.
- - - -
AS  FOR  THE  PETES it was a phony cliff-hanger.  I redeemed all the Petes in Epic Mickey:
BIG  BAD  PETE was not grouchy anymore, but was handing out fireworks.
SMALL  PETE was in gremlin village, working on his boat with gremlins.
PETE-TRONIC was on a rocket ride with gremlins.
PETE  PAN was his happy self, because I had rescued his sprite.

So, where did it come from that suddenly there is something that wasnt even hinted at during the game?  It breaks all literary rules, and is despicable.  It was not planned, and Disney just threw it in hap-hazzardly at the end.

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On the subject of the Credits Song being in European Languages, it may be connected with a rumor that Roald Dahls WWII book, The Gremlins may be published in Europe (but not the USA).  And, way back then, Disney had been wanting to make a cartoon of it.  Walt Disney bought the rights to Dahls war stories and characters, but didnt use them.  Disney may use the song to help market the graphic novel that we call a comic book.

***  Roald Dahl may be the Dahl of the D.E.C., the Dahl Engineering Corridor. ***

Dahl wrote Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and many others.   

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Another interesting point is that around 95% of the Gremlins have British accents - Gus is obviously an upper-class snob stereotype, Blue and Green Gremlin share a heavy Lincolnshire drawl, Copernicus is right up there with Ringo with his Scouse accent, and Prescott is, well, Prescott. Possibly a Rotherham or Staffordshire. Why are they all from the UK? It always puzzled me, but it's quite charming nonetheless. Also, I hear the script is slightly altered in the PAL version - characters say things like 'dandy', 'lickety-split', 'cuppa', 'chop-chop' etc. And they just had to make the Mad Doctor Russian.... heck, there's several references to Russia's....violent.....past in the game. Several of his songs mention weapons, he's a tyrannical mechanical overlord... not to mention his constant use of an intercom to contact Oswald. Subtle much?

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Thanks, Mcbasilrocks, for your post of December 29, 2012, where you list tasks to make it through the game, from start to credits, with minimal time -- while ignoring all the unnecessary tasks. 

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for me Jam face speaks with a french accent and there is a i think scottish gremlin i spoke to as well. also how do you time how long your game is anyways? i haven't as far as  i know played that many games where it's a short game. there are a couple harry potter games i have for my PS3 that story wise are short. like Order of the Phoenix that is a short game but it has a LOT of collectibles. and a couple other harry potter games.  that really doesnt't bother me much. they are still fun to play. 


as for this game why would anyone want to skip doing everything? you'll prolly have a longer game if you don't skip anything but than what the hell do i know ya know?