A complete and utter lie

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I'll keep it short. Go to the link. Scroll down to the picture of Oswald shocking the tiki mask. Read the text above and below it. The article says, and I quote:

"Half-jokingly, I immediately respond with, "How about both? Can you get through without using paint or thinner?"

"I don't think you can," Spector responds. But he sounds uncertain. It's a crazy idea, when you think about it. Paint and thinner are the yin and yang of Epic Mickey, your two most central tools for reshaping the Wasteland as you see fit. Sure, you can get through the game without using one. But both?

This is exactly when Irvin Chavira chimes in. As a QA tester on Epic Mickey 2, Chavira has to break the game so that it can be fixed. If there's anyone who knows the boundaries of practicality in Epic Mickey 2, it's him.

"You can," Chavira counters, matter-of-factly.

"Are you serious?!" Spector exclaims from across the table, practically spitting out the sandwich he's been working on in between discussions about the game.

"It won't be 100 percent, because if you want to get 100 percent you have to make certain decisions [involving paint and thinner]. But I think you can get through the core path without using either paint or thinner," says Chavira.

"That's the beauty of this stuff!" remarks Specter, beaming from ear to ear. "When games are open-ended enough that the people who work on them don't know if something's possible, that's pretty magical."

Of course, anyone who's played the game knows that this is a blatant, utter lie. LIE. You cannot get through the game without using Paint or Thinner. The bosses, for example, require use of them. Areas such as Yen Sid's Lab, which teach you how to use the Brush, cannot be cleared without it. Heck, the FINAL BOSS OF THE GAME CANNOT BE KILLED WITHOUT PAINT AND THINNER.

And that whole thing about 'game designers not knowing what's in the game' sure explains a lot about EM2....

Thoughts, everyone?

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I appreciate your link:


In addition to what you said, another outstanding lie is the beginning of paragraph 7,

Quote: "Brutal testing!" Spector responds."

and this interview was done on

05.09.2012 -- which is after the game was in the can, after the so called testing, and being mass manufactured, advertised, and distributed.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Warren Spector never even played the game. And, now, you have proven that others doing the interviews and advertising have not played, either.

Not only did anybody not do brutal testing, but they did not even play the game normally! How could it be that Irvin Chavira, in charge of EM2's quality never played the game, and Warren Spector did not care enough to play and see that Irvin Chavira at least played? I'd like to know what they were doing with their time, when they were being paid to work, and were running up massive debt for Disney's Video Game department!