3rd little pig?

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The first missing little pig was behind a hidden door in the floatyard. I've just gone from Autotopia to the Mad Doc's old attic. Should I have found the 3rd pig yet?

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For the first part of the quest, one pig is in the theater on Main Street North.

One is in Mickey's house, that you cannot get to until you drain the fountain -- which you did a long time ago.

One pig is where you had a battle with the slobber in Fort Wasteland, behind the clock. Thin out a big orange rock and enter.

You can get near there easily now that you have access to instant warping via the theater.

- - - -

Then you have a war between two pigs. The one guy lost $5,000 on a flop of a record and wants telephone lines for selling a new record from his recording studio in Ventureland. The other pig would like to just work in the theater. You make the choice.

- - - -

Then, the two frivilous pigs run off instead of practicing.

One is rock climbing in the gulch. One is in Ortensia's house in OsTown, having fun playing for the bunny children.

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Yes...but now there's thinner spraying all over Mickey's door. Will have to think about that...

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To get the thinner to stop, install the statue on the fountain.

SPOILER ALERT -- only read as far as you need for the amount of clue you want.

CHOOSE CAREFULLY WHETHER YOU MAKE A STATUE OF OSWALD OR MICKEY OR BOTH, BECAUSE YOU CANNOT EVER GO BACK AND ATTAIN A "HEADS UP" QUEST AWARD or take pictures for Moody who wants to see a statue of Oswald, as opposed to the other pirate outside who wants things that I could not complete, because I could not find them after they relocated in Rainbow Falls!!! I found out about missing out on quests too late, and am giving up on the game !!!

Anyway, go down the turnstile one story, and there is a control room that you could only get to the first visit. Go down there again and you can have the turnstile go even further.

For this part of the story, light sprays of thinner do not hurt you.

Paint in big portions of thinned out pipe. Turn a handle near the wall, and some thinner will drain and reveal a piston. Jump on that piston, jump to turn, and it will reveal another piston lower down.

That piston also rises to a platform next to two turning platforms that are controlled by paintable / thinnable gears. Adjust them so they are fairly horizontal. Then, you can jump across to a closed door, controlled by a power machine.

There are two more doors, but they are not necessary for the statue.

- - - -

The statue pieces are a level down. Following the cave across the islands, on the left.

They get sent up via a transport tube, and goofy asks about installing it.

- - - - - -