User Rating: 9 | Dishonored X360
This game totally surprised and blew me away. I got it not knowing exactly what to expect, I thought it kinda looked like Bioshock and so I bought it. However it greatly exceeded my expectations and instead made me think of it as a Thief/Deus Ex/Hitman/Bioshock crossbreed.
I love the amount of options I have in the game. I like how there is so many different ways to complete any objective, got an assassination target, well you could just run in with a gun and crazy powers in hand and shoot your way through the gaurds, or maybe you will sneak across rooftops and break in through a window and stab him in the back, or maybe you will take control of a rat and sneak in threw mousehole, go to his study and poison his drink, or maybe you will take the non lethal approach and out him in the public eye making him an outcast who loses all his power. This freedom is exactly the kind of thing I loved in games like Hitman and Deus Ex.
The ways you can combine your powers I thought was cool too, like you can stop time just as a soldier fires his gun, then possess the soldier and move him in front of the path of the bullet, then unpossess him and unfreeze time and watch as the soldier essentially shoots himself or you can throw a spring razor trap onto a rat, then possess the rat and run into a group of enemies which will set the trap off. The only thing holding you back in this game it seems is your own imagination.
This game is exactly what I want in a game, a game where I am in control of how I want to play it.