Thief, Freedom Fighters, Hitman and Half Life in one clever package. Dishonored is the new benchmark for action games.

User Rating: 9 | Dishonored X360
A superb mix of action and stealth, makes this game no only unique, but also the benchmark for future action games to try to imitate. The way you can achieve the missions objective in almost infinite ways, give this game a terrific value for money and re-playability value. The graphics are to average and simplistic for the game to be * perfect*, a 3rd person view option is needed in some situations to give you a more accurate perspective, and the ending of the game lets you with a bit of a bitter taste in you mouth. But those are very small problems that you can easily ignore, with lots of well balanced game-play and dynamic action. Don't just look at this game as an action/stealth game. Look at it as an action game and a stealth game in one single package. You can easily play all the way trough sneaking like an assassin, or kill everything you see like a ninja, and suffer or enjoy the consequences of you decisions as the game goes on. Overall is a must have game.