Exploration and immersion in this game are phenomenal, grab your blade and crossbow and get to it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dishonored X360
This game caught my eye the day it was announced, and it certainly lived up to the hype it was given. Choose to be a rampaging murderer or a stealthy non-lethal assassin, either way you'll love this game. Don't go from just point A to point B, explore, find all the little things this game has, and it goes from a good game, to an amazing game. A unique experience with a world teeming with secrets and untold stories. Take your time, don't play this game just to beat it, appreciate it and immerse yourself, which won't be hard considering the game sucks you in. Wouldn't recommend playing if you don't want to lose sleep playing all night or have to do a spread sheet or something along those lines. But in all seriousness, this game makes my top ten of the year, and with its high replay value, is going to make you a very distinguished couch potato.