Overall this is a great game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dishonored PC
Dishonored takes place in a city called Dunwall, currently suffering from a rat plague similar to the bubonic plague that occurred in our own history. The game starts off when you return to Dunwall just in time to see your Empress assassinated while you are forced to watch. After being blamed for her murder you are sent to prison, you are stripped of your title and are only left with one thing REVENGE
This may seem like a simple hack and slash game (which it can be) but it is so much more. The plot revolves around your revenge on those that betrayed you and rescuing Princess Emily (the heiress). The story is very well thought out and keeps you interested the entire time, however with only two/three possible endings means this game has little in the way of replay value. The real challenge comes when you try to play thourgh without killing anyone (it is possible). The combat is similar to that of Bioshock with a main weapon (sword) in your right hand and powers/ranged weapon in your left. Some of the powers are, while not really original, extremely useful and are the only things that make it possible to get through the game. The enemy AI can be difficult at times as some guards will refuse to move or stand in places that make it nearly impossible to get to them undetected, normally this can be rectified with a sleeper dart or a distraction.
The sound, lighting, and cutscenes are extremely well done making every kill feel real and extremely satisfying. Your character does remain mute the entire time which means you cannot really interact with the NPCs making the story feel very one dimensional.
Other than a few minor flaws with possible paths and guard glitches this game is perfect.