Really short

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I know you are going to say instantly the I didn't play the game properly and that's why it was so short. I play the game on hard difficulty stealth (not clean hands) I got every rune and bone charm. This game was still very very short. I get that it's meant to be played different ways and with multiple playthroughs but other games achieve the same thing with a fairly longer campaign. Now I am not saying this game wasn't fun because it really was but they could of made it longer. Clean hands is more difficult and takes longer but in the end I am just delaying the time it takes to do the exact same thing.

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yup super short I took my time and finished the game in like 6 hours.  so this game could probably be completed in 3 hours if someone did a speed run through it....

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#3 Posted by fisher289 (332 posts) -     1 hour and 21 minutes

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I call anyone a liar that claims to have finished the game in 6 hours playing stealthily all the way through, exploring all the areas, playing all the side missions, and found all the runes.  I put about 16 hours into the game and I still had some things that I never completed.  I do believe it would be very easy going through quickly using little stealth and not doing much exploring.  And even though I did spend 16 hours, I will agree the game still seemed smallish; some maps were reused for multiple missions and the exploration yielded little benefit.

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I was disappointed by the length, but it was an incredible experience regardless. It's definitely a game I will play multiple times. One of my all-time favourite games - A great story (unsatisfying conclusion, however), a great world and aesthetic, great sound design and phenomenal combat. Amazing. But yeah, quite short.

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Many games can be completed in less than 2 hours. I remember doing speed runs for Resident Evil (remake) and Metal Gear Solid in less than 2 hours.

And I believe someone made a 30 minute speed run for HL1.

That said, I don't think the game is too short. I don't remember exactly how much time i spent with Dishonored, but it was well over 6 hours.

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I beat this game in 22 minutes, 100% completion. Eh, I got my money's worth.

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Na, jk, I'm about 4-5 hours into it, probably halfway through with it, idk. It seems to be the average length of a modern game though.

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Even taking time, going slow and trying to get everything, I found the game a little dull. Regardless of the difficulty and the multiple approaches to solving tasks, it's still a largely linear experience. I thought this game was, in the end, a boring diversion.
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Really short but a decent story.