RE Ghost / Clean hands glitched achievememnts.

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on a stealth play through, on the same save (without re-doing missions using mission select) which resulted in SHADOW and JUST DARK ENOUGH being awarded:

I didnt kill the assasins in prologue.

only knocked out weepers beneath the Hound Pits Pub just before The Golden Cat mission.

didint kill granny rags (ran for it, undetected, DIDNT take / burn her cameo or anything)

have ALL ticks for GHOST and DIDINT KILL ANYONE on each mission (3 unconsious people / "bodies" were found)

done all quests so main targets etc are "neutralized" without killling.


TWO thisngs i think may be the cause?

i DID kill some dogs but wasnt detected by them.  DOES THIS MATTER? (I have seen this elsewhere: "Wolfhound kills do not count towards Chaos, but they can detect your character and will count towards that.")

Plus i also, for the sake of gaining the VERSATILE acheivment, started to replay a previous mission. But reloaded my REAL game afterward.