Question on achievements related to not killing anyone.

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So I'm trying to get this achievement and I have a question. Btw, the achievement is Ghost, to beat the game by killing no one but the key targets.

***Minor Spoiler***

On the first mission, there's an uncle that you can save by doing the drink thing or by any other means. I didn't save him, instead I put the poison in both of their drinks.

My question is, will this affect my achievement? I would assume not because technically he dies anyway if I don't touch the drinks, but I did tamper with them... So does that count as a kill? 

Thanks in advance! 

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I can't promise (100%) that I am correct here. But if you "tampered" with the drinks, it was with poison. So you ended up killing them. Let me tell you what to do to guarantee a non-lethal kill. Before you go into the room explore the room with the torture chair and grab the heretic brand. Find it before going into the room. Might not matter when, but I had it before I went in there. Now go in the room, and don't tamper with the drinks. Stand behind the wall on the far side of the room. Wait until all the talking is done and they both come in the room. Auto-Aim on the one that you are meant to eliminate. The other guy you had a side quest if you let him go. CONTINUE TO HIDE BEHIND THE WALL for a bit. After a minute that other guy will run off, which will complete your side quest to let him go. Then come out and choke out any guards that were alerted. Grab the body of the boss and go brand him. That's it, everything done and you don't have to worry about any lethal kills. That's what I did to complete it non-lethal.