PC vs 360 Improvements?

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I was wondering if anyone had played this on both 360 and PC. I bought the game on 360 prior and have just not had a chance to get around to it yet (much, I'm a few missions in). Now that I've built a nice new gaming PC, I would be able to max the graphics on it. With current trade in values at Best Buy, I can get that swap 360 to PC for sum total of <$5.

I was wondering, does the game look that much better on PC? Do I gain anything else that would be worthwhile by having it on PC?

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I have played it on both and i can safely say the PC is better. I have also recently built a gaming pc and i bought Dishonored after loving it on the 360 and i can safely say it was the right choice. The game is so much more refined and better on PC i cant recommend it enough