New DLC? Parallel Daud story?

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I am infuriated by this! Did anyone else see the teaser picture where they are overlooking the first scene from the assassins point of view?

Creating DLC from the enemies point of view is so generic and unimaginative for a game with untapped potential.

They've created a variant world with many different "countries" where they could do some truly epic things, a completely different twist on energy solutions where they could create new imaginary kinds of weapons and technology and even memorable characters with rich back stories but my guess is that they'd rather play it safe and do something that has been done over and over again. Even DLC which featured the knock-on effects of Corvo's actions or even DLC where you play Corvo whilst he's making a name for himself would have been more interesting.

I'm probably complaining too much, but I definitely feel that most games lack the guts to up their ambition. Or maybe my ambitions are unrealistic. Had to vent this!

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Additionally, I'm led to believe it's called The Other Side of the Coin