I would have prefered a realistic visual style.

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I understand they went for a more stylized visuals here, but I'm constantly thinking while playing, 'Man, this would be so awesome if looked relistic.'.

It's a presonal preference, but I can't imerge myself fully in a game that has a slightly cartoony feel.

I'm getting old.




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I have to disagree. The art style is one of the things I love about the game, I'm tired of realistic environments. It helps pull me into the unique atmosphere of the game even more

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I like the style, its like a moving oil painting, don't think I have ever seen a game with this style before.
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I agree. I do like the painting style in this game. but i'd prefer realistic graphics like skyrim and crysis. The reason is because how violent this game is such as cutting enemy's head off. It would be more intense killing enemies if graphics were realistic. I really like the game, tho.

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I like it for the most part. My only problem with it is that the characters' faces look a little cartoony, but other than that it's a nice visual style that helps make the game a little more distinct.

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I agree with you! The graphics in this game are somewhat of a disappointment for me too.

The men's faces tend to look pretty much the same and bland, the hands on everyone are just awful! They look like hands from 10 year old games! Talk about your "bread stick" fingers and the proportions are way off. It might seem like a small thing to some people, but it spoils the feeling of the game for me. It is such a glaring problem.

It's cartoonish in a way that looks as if they rushed through the faces and bodies - as if they were a rough draft and thrown into the game on a whim. The buildings, town, harbor and the rest of the outside are done fairly well but realism would have helped a whole lot!

I guess I'm spoiled with Skyrim and Assassins Creeds' games. Both have beautiful graphics which make it much more enjoyable for me! I'm not a person who only plays to kill, get the highest score and rush through - I like to take my time, explore and appreciate a new world. Graphics and music play a very important part of my gaming experience - not just combat. So, as I said, this is a bit of a disappointment.