How to recover/add savegames...

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I have the SKIDROW edition...yes..pirated version,so? I had to reinstall my OS,i backuped the savegames to another partition,after installation I copied them back to their original location yet,the game dosn't recognises them...
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Check appdata or documents, that is generally where reloaded and skidrow keep their saves. For dishonored it should look something like this:

Users\username\AppData\Local\SKIDROW\random numbers\Storage

Alternatively you can search for dishonored or dishonored0.sav

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Oh nevermind i see what you're saying. Check the numbers in skidrow's folders, and make sure they add up. For instance mine is 205100. Other than that i dont know why, since the saves should always be read from and written in the same location regardless of a new OS install.

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