Fun game borrowing elements from some others

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#1 fanirama
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I bought this on a whim on a steam sale for $8. Cannot believe I didn't play this earlier. This is a fun game.

I like games that bestow these funky cool powers and you can enjoy your combos on the unsuspecting enemies. Fun times.

Having played a few games like this before I cannot help but notice that this game has borrowed some elements from other games before it such as Second Sight, PsiOps: The Mindgate Conspiracy to name a couple.

Still, I think Dishonored is a great game and I'm loving it thus far. Games like this and Crackdown allow you to become superhuman and in Crackdown, jump near the enemy, super punch/kick them and run off. Hahaha.. fun times.

My rating for Dishonored: 9/10