Does the game save your items if you quit a mission before finishing it ?

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I'm trying to get the Versatile achievement, can I go make a run for the blueprints, get them, then exit the mission and go to pietro to make the upgrade right away or i have to finish the mission if I want to have the blueprint saved in my inventory ?

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I played mission 5-6-7 collecting runes and upgrading/purchaing stuff. Then I reloaded mission 2 from chapter select and I had lost everything, is that normal ?
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I think it is. The saving system in this game is I think pretty linear so I don't think you could backtrack with your new stuff to an old level. So if you want a item from a level, I would assume that you have to finish the mission and continue it from there.
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I like the saving format for this game...just like fallout 3. I think any game that comes out with this saving format would be in the 8+ rating