Dishonored 2.

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So we've finished the game and most of us are wanting more.


Now, I don't want to see a dishonored 2 within a year, even 2, infact I think it should be a next gen title, but theoretically what would you wish for in a Dishonored 2?


Personally I'd want it to move away from the location and characters in Dishonored. There is an entire world we read about in books and such within the world just waiting to be explored, with perhaps certain side characters having cameos.


In regards to enemies I'd want much tougher and smarter enemies, with more of them having 'outsider' powers comparable to our own. Some of the highlight were fighting dauds assassins and I thought we didn't see enough of this. More varied enemies as well, because as it is we have a total of much less than 10 enemy types. Larger enemies, faster enemies, more skilled enemies, more 'magical' enemies and perhaps even more animals.


The gameworld itself I think could do with a more open feel to it. I do enjoy the way the game is structured with its nods to Deus Ex type pacing and design, however I feel Dishonored would actually benefit more from a more open game space. Perhaps working out from a main base towards a side of a city and being able to work out from it, seeing how our past missions have changed the enivornment first hand. Using the streets rooftops and underground to get from place to place.


As for characters, I'd very much like more RPG elements when conversing with them. I realise we have less of this in dishonored in order to give it a more focussed approach to the narrative, but I feel more options done right would both add immersion to our choices and make for an even more replayable game should these options have an effect on the outcome of elements within it.


As for the weaponry itself, I think there should be more option as to what we use and thus perhaps a limit to what we can take with us. As the game is set in an 'old world' era this could be limiting in regard to long range weapons, although I could see the option of rifles and perhaps throwing knives to be interesting options. Added to this different options with melee weapons, such as maces or axes, all with their own play styles and upgrades, it could be that the game has near limitless options for replayability in regards to weaponry, powers and of course gadgets, which again could be expanded upon.


All of these ideas are probably far beyond current gen capabilities and would take some serious programming to account for all the potential inconsistancies, but I feel it'd make for one hell of a game with the main dishonored gameplay and world at its core.


What about you people?


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I have a lot of opinions, and i'll express one. I think they should do a little bit to keep you entertained. I LOVED the game but I found myself getting a little...bored scenically in certain areas, and i'm not sure why. Visually, or if it was just the way the story was unfolding. They should try to make the second one a little more gripping in areas. Not sure if it was just me, but I read other people had similar experiences.