Any other games like this?

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i finished the game's story mode with both nonelithal and not detected marks, and i don't feel anny urge to do it again guns blazing, just asking - are there any other games like this that give you some "play your way" feel?

(i loved the first part of crysis, where it was a fairly open world and you fought against humans, but the alien part was just too linear and it ruined the game for me, and don't give me the thief series, it's not real freedom and it's too old for me to get into)

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Well...I wasn't sure which post to respond to, since it shows two in the list so I just picked this one....There are a lot of stealth games. Some do a better job of stealth than Dishonored, and some a worst. There are no games that I can think of that match the same control scheme and overall....feel. Hmm...all the metal gear solid games are stealth. No where near the same feel but very good stealth games. There was an old wolverine that was a stealth game, I forget the name of that one right off the top of my head. There are a lot of stealth games, but I can't recall any that matches the same feel as Dishonored...not right off the top of my head. There probably is, and if I think of one i'll post back here.
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definately highly recommend Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

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+1 to Deus Ex, I would also say Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay has a similar feel.

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Yeah to Deus Ex, but if you are willing to play older games, Thief 1 & 2 and Systemshock 2 are big inspirations for Dishonored. Thief 3 was pretty good too though not as good as the first 2. Arx Fatalis was a last gen game made by one of the developers for Dishonored. Underground fantasy setting and some interesting concepts.

In terms of setting, if you're looking for victorian/steampunk, you could try Arcanum, which is a Baldurs Gate-esque game. I"m trying to think of some other steampunk games, but aside from the upcoming bioshock, I can't think of anything aside from Arcanum (which is a crying shame). Resonance of Fate is slightly steampunkish.

BTW, if you like shadowrun you'll probably like the latest deus ex - there's no magic elements in it but it has that noire feel and the tech is almost like magic :)