Disgaea Infinite is an enjoyable game with new game-play. But it may make players who like the old way Disgaea bored.

User Rating: 7 | Disgaea Infinite PSP
Disgaea Infinite is not a tactic- game play. This time you will play as a Prinny . With the help of Tick-tock Clock, you have to travel to the past to prevent Laharl being assassinated and save the Prinny's salary (because Laharl thinks these Prinny are the one who wants to kill him)!

The game makes you read lots of text Dialog which may be boring for some players like action. You have to concentrate on what people are talking about to figure the way to change the past. However, the story is very funny and has unexpected events. You have choices to change the past, which will lead to a different result and even different Endings.

The musics in Disgaea Infinite keep you awake. This Disgaea has cool music and voice's actors with original graphics (which from Disgaea 1). These things will make you play to the end, especially voice's actor is done very well.

The bad point about Disgaea Infinite is too short. You only need at least one day to complete the game and most of the Endings. And it's disappointed.

Overall, it's an enjoyable game that you should play (especially Disgaea's fans, who want to understand more about Disgaea's characters). You can play Disgaea Infinite to pass your time when you are free or have nothing to do.

Here is my opinion. I think this game is only for people who already have known about Disgaea (at least they have played Disgaea 1). The story has some parts that belong to Disgaea 1,2, 3 and Phantom Brave. If you know about these series, it's easy to follow the instruction in game and you can enjoy full of Disgaea Infinite. Luckily that NIS knew about this so they have extra options to explain what you need to know.

But if you know nothing about Disgaea, this version will make you curious about Disgaea series and even other games from NIS.