Social Life Destroyer... I think thats the best words to describe this amazing strategic role playing game...

User Rating: 9.5 | Makai Senki Disgaea PS2
I always have been a lover of Strategic Role Playing Games, since my first experience with Shinning Force back in early 90s... the evolution of it were amazing when we take the front line now as Disgaea series.
Disgaea 2 on PS2 is a blast for all like me who love the style.

It has a very creative and funny story line, and it has very big challenges related to hows your characters, equipments and weapons gets improved. I personaly lose interest for those games where in the first hour playing we can already see its limits... Disgaea probaly has kinda no limits, even after you beating the game, you still playing and playing improving your characters and equipments just for the fun and challenge of it.

The down site on my opnion is the isometric view that sometimes on some maps gets hard to see on diferente levels, but its a flaw we get used to after couple hours of gamimng.

My conclusion would be: buy it! play it! But be careful... your social life may be in jeopard. :)