A over 100 Hours of Fun in your Pocket

User Rating: 8 | Makai Senki Disgaea Portable PSP
Disgaea, a game for "turn-based strategy game" - fans. This Game is a Remake of a PS2 classic with additional content, like a new story mode and bosses. The start will be hard, but when you get the hang of it you will crush the enemys in no time. Disgaea is different from other Turn-based strategy games in many terms. The maximum level is 9999. yes you read right. every of your characters can reach over 9000 levels. But don´t celebrate yet, because the engine nothing for anybody. in fact its outdated.

+ over hundred hours of playtime
+ funny story with many twists
+ spoken dialog
+ many endings
+ two different story modes
+ maximum lvl: 9999 (!!!!)
+ many character-classes to choose from
+ secret characters to unlock
+ you can catch monsters and use them in your team
+ many equipment pieces
+ many weapons

- difficulty is nothing for casual gamers
- many hours of level grinding
- boss characters can be a big pain in the a.s.s.
- the best weapons in the game are difficult to get
- 2D sprites for the characters
- PS1 Backgrounds