Disgaea is probably the best Strategy-RPG of all time. It's got gameplay, narative, and humor to spare.

User Rating: 10 | Makai Senki Disgaea PS2
Let me just say one thing. Disgaea is awesome! The game begins with a demon girl named Etna waking up the protagonist, a demon prince named Laharl....WITH A BUNCH OF WEAPONS!!!! It turns out that Laharl was fast asleep for two whole years, and while he was sleeping, his Dad died. Now armies of demons are fighting over the title of Overlord. Laharl will show no mercy, because he's the rightful heir to the throne. There's also an angel named Flonne(my favorite character) who joins Laharl's party to see if demons are capable of love and even demon penguins called prinnies that EXPLODE when they're thrown. The game has some innovations. You know how in most strategy-RPGs you can't replay previous battles? Well, in Disgaea, you can. You can also discuss different stuff in court and bribe judges to get a positive result. In battle, you can lift and throw allies to help increase your attack range. There's also the Geo Symbols that you throw on special spaces called Geo Panels to warrant different effects that will either help or hinder your progress. And if there's another party member close to you when you attack an enemy, you can do a team attack. You can also create different characters to make a huge army(of course that's probably not so unique). In the end Disgaea has enough to keep you entertained for a long time.-Dan B. Jr.

Concept 10: A strategy-RPG with great gameplay and hilarious storytelling.

Graphics 7.5: The art direction's well done but it looks like it could be done on PSone. But this is one of only a few flaws.

Sound 9.5: The great BGM is backed up by voice acting that ranges from fitting a character to not so much.

Playability 10: The gameplay is innovative. They did a great job.

Entertainment 10: Let's hear it for the greatest strategy-RPG of all time!

Replay Value 10: See end of review.