This game is awesome, Dood

User Rating: 9 | Makai Senki Disgaea Portable PSP
I must admit I have a love hate relationship with Stratagy games. its not that i hate them I just get super frustrated with them so I don't buy many. Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness was one on those games in the PSN, that I kept wanting to buy I just knew something was going to draw me into it. and I was right.

Its not your typical JRPG story, you play as the son of the Netherworld, Laharl, who is to cocky for his own good. Apparently he has been sleeping for 2 years and he was only suppose to sleep for 10 days. During this time demons have tried to invade your domain, and Laharl must defend the throne which is rightfully his. Your accompanied by Etna and her awesome bandwagon of Prinnies. These littel penguins pack and explosive punch Literally.

The game plays out like Final Fantasy Tactics, but adds is own uninque twist to it as well, the game has Geo Panels which can have different effects on the enemies. Upon destroying these things it changes the colors if more than one is on the same color, when planned out right you can deal massive damage to your enemies with relatively little effort on your part. Like any RPG it does come with its far share of grinding, but its fun creative battle system makes all the grinding, much or tolerable.

Disgaea has some awesome dialouge to which, is voice well and ads much humor, if you can go this entire game without laughing, then you need lighten up and get out more, something in this game has got to make you laugh, especially the Prinnies. The humor is one of the hilights from the series. With such a uniqueness Disgaea has won me over as a fan.

For the price you pay on PSN, this game has no reason it should not be in your library, especially if you love fun quirky Japanese RPG's. Disgaea has got what it takes to go down in history as a classic RPG, and with all the unique characters, unique changes to stratagy games its got good reason to do so, if you havne already you need to pick this game up today, even recommendable to newcomers to teh stratagey game universe. 9/10