A perfect game to play between other games - it never gets old and can be quite addicting.

User Rating: 9.5 | Disgaea DS DS
I've played both this version and the PS2 version - the transfer from the PS2 was a little irritating at first, but I quickly adjusted and now use Disgaea as my go-to game when I'm not playing anything new. The story line is quirky and amusing, and it can be played for a ridiculously long period of time without getting old. I've logged almost 40 hours so far and most of that has been in the item world, which means I've still got hours of fun left to beat the game.

Being able to delve into an item and level it up is a great feature that allows you to level characters and pick up new items outside of the story and geo panels give the game another angle of strategy aside from what is needed for battle. Team attacks and combos make battle more interesting, as does the ability to throw enemies and allies to desired locations (or, of course, throwing those lovable exploding prinnies at an enemy).

All in all, a great game and a great adaptation for DS.