Addictive, weird, a grinder's dream

User Rating: 8 | Makai Senki Disgaea PS2
Wow, how to describe Disgaea? I wasn't too impressed with the game when I first got it, but it had a fun premise, defeat your foes on a squared game board using different characters with gradually greater skillls. Crazy story, you're the son of the king of Hell basically, but it's very tongue in cheek, with a touch of the risque from time to time, surprisingly. The plot was fairly weak I thought, it definitely wasn't the driving force behind my completion of the game; I just wanted to see what that next skill was. It wasn't until after completing the game's story mode that I really started to spend hours on this, and I mean hours, about 300+. I started wanting to level up all my characters, every class, because of course, that opened other classes to create, higher levels to transmigrate to, etc. On top of all that, each weapon can be entered and leveled up individually; also, each item has boosts that be garnered and moved to other weapons, or combined for that matter. After completing the main quest, you can sink hundreds of hours into completing other endings, such as invading the human world, defeating a greater demon, finishing a cave of trials, but the difficulty amps up exponentially. I wish I had played this game on the DS first: it seems perfect for that pick up and play type of gaming, and it would have been so nice to be able to save at any point, instead of having to work through 10 levels just to save your game. Very rewarding play. I have to say: it was just fun, I can't quite place my finger on it, but alot of fun.