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User Rating: 9.5 | Makai Senki Disgaea Portable PSP
This is Oldyoat554's review of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the PSP. Please bear with me, if I get anything wrong I haven't beaten it yet X3
(And please pardon my bad spelling or typos)


Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness takes place in the Netherworld (hell) where the prince Laharl has been sleeping for two years. In this time, his father, the king (or Overlord) of the Netherworld has died. Laharl now has claim to the throne, but of course, there are other demons attempting to kill him and steal his position. The story in Disgaea is very imersive, hillarious, and just plain GREAT. It will get you laughing, and from what iv'e heard, (depending on how you played the game) disapointed, and maybe even heart broken. Yes, even if I have not beaten the game, I do know that it has many endings depending on your play type, but the most common are the 'normal ending' (play through the game from start to finish) and the 'good ending' (play through the game with no 'ally kills' when one team mate kills another.) The rest require you to go into the various sub modes and kinds of mini-games to complete, all the rest are dubbed the 'bad endings'.


Disgaea has many characters, but there are three main characters, plus one which I have heard plays and important role in the end.

Laharl: The demon prince of the Netherworld. He is fighting to gain the status of the Overlord.

Etna:One of Laharl's vassals. She is the one that wakes Laharl up from is two year long sleep *POSSIBLE SPOILER AHEAD* I have heard from Wikis that Etna attempts to betray Laharl. I have also heard that this is only a bonus game mode*POSSIBLE SPOILER DONE*

Flonne: An angel, also the second boss of the game along with a dragon type monster. She was sent from heaven( i guess i don't remember the acctual name of the place) to assainate the passed Overlord.After fighting Laharl She is surprised that Laharl does not feel for the loss of his father and is surprised to hear that demons cannot love, so she tags along with Laharl and his party to study him and his loveless self. On a side note, I am really attached to this character. It might be her sheer cuteness, or the fact I believe she will become a demon, similar to Almaz from Disgaea 3.

Mid-Boss: The character I find most funny. He is acctually the boss I'm stuck on right now. ( The second time you face him in CH. 4). He is very arrogant, and just plain funny. I've heard that he plays an important role in the final Chapter.

Sub Modes

The Item World: Truth be told, I've only been to the item world twice (one time it is needed to advance the story), but it has helped a lot. The item world allows you to go INSIDE one of the items in the game. Clearing stages in the item world will level it up and increase its stats, but be careful, you can only exit the item world every 10 levels or if you have a cirtian item.

The Dark Assembly: This is a cool part of the game. At the Dark Assembly the main thing you can do is create characters for your party, using Mana, which is granted to a character by dealing killing blows. Theres a variety of classes, ranging from melee based warriors or ninjas, to fire and ice blasting mages, even to creature classes like Prinnies or even dragons. Aside from creating characters, you can do other things in the Dark Assembly, like advance your character's rank, or get better items in the item shop.

Etna Mode: An unlockable mode after beating the game with any ending. All i know is that it's an alternate story which revolves around Etna only available on the PSP and the DS versions. (I think :3)

Difficulty Most difficult game I've ever played, and thats saying something, coming from a big fan of Demon's Souls, which is also very difficult. If you find turn based tactical combat difficult or borng, don't get this game. Factors like Geo-Symbols, that can give cirtian squares effects like +100 enemy or ally boost, or cloning a character on the square to the enemy team can really irritate you and just turn you off of the game completely. Plus, if your not good at grinding, it could be difficult to balance your character's levels. I had to restart the game because Laharl was level 12 and the rest of my characters were level 5, and at that time I didn't have a mind set for grinding. If you can't grind, or don't have the patience, then this game will not work for you.

Well thats about it. I know the review was long, but if you want to get this game, consider this review, regardless of length. I've put in all I know about the game into it without revealing anything important.
Cheers from Oldyoat554