Let's face it, it's addiction.

User Rating: 10 | Disgaea DS DS
This is Disgaea, for the DS.

Let's start with the fact that this game is, in fact, a port. It came from Disgaea Psp, which came from the original Ps2 game, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Obviously, the graphics and sound quality had to be watered down, since, after all, a DS card can only hold so much goodness in one little package. Of course, if you've never played a Disgaea game before, then you wouldn't really mind it, or notice it.

Next is the story. It is hilarious. It starts off with Laharl, the main character, and his vassal, Etna. He gets woken up from a two year long nap to figure out, his father died, and while he was sleeping, demons were trying to take over his throne. And so it goes. There are fourteen chapters in the story, and then of course, there is Etna mode, where his vassal is the main character, and Prinny Commentary, which makes the story even more hilarious.

And so we move to the music and graphics. I mentioned earlier that they had been watered down, since, after all, the DS cartridge is only so big. If you're a first time Disgaea player, then it wouldn't really pick up much notice. If you ask me, I think that the graphics are great, and they actually look pretty decent. In fact, with a game of so much content, I'm kind of surprised that they could be so well. And the music, sounds very much normal. There are no vocals in the music, but then again, it's music. It sounds great as it is.

And finally, the gameplay. It's a turn-based strategy, which means, you and the enemy take turns. It is also grid based, which is fairly simple. However, the controls will start off a bit confusing, but they become second hand within a few hours of play. There's also an interesting concept, Geo Symbols. They give effects to certain tiles. Depending on the color of the Geo Symbol and the tiles, destroying one will set off a Geo Chain. Since I'm still on gameplay, I've also got to mention that there are a lot of secret characters, and the max level cap for each character is 9999. You can also make up to 35 of your own characters, as well as have ten out on the battlefield at the same time.

Overall, I'd say that this game is one of the best, and certainly deserves a score worthy of it. It is one of the best games released yet.