This game is the RPG for the DS. It offers more replay value than anything you own to date.

User Rating: 8.5 | Disgaea DS DS
While this may be a remake of a ps2/psp game that i have played before, this game really is so much fun to play. There is literally so much rpg options to develop however you want. You can fill in so many hours with this game.

Another thing, it will keep your attention. The plot is mediocre yet entertaining and keeps you pursuing your endeavor, and the dark assembly and unlock able classes/characters gives way to potentially hundreds of hours of actual addicting fun gameplay, not well maybe if you take it slow you can get that many hours out of it type scenario.

I know this game has been done before but it really pushes the DS hardware to a new level. Everything feels as good/better then the ps2 version which is unheard of for a DS game. The Sprites are crisp and you do get some voice acting. The voice acting occurs at the start of the game and at the end of each chapter, there's not a ton of dialogue so you wont be reading too much to really divert you because of the broad supply of voices.

Overall, as long as you haven't invested time into another version lately or if you don't own the other versions, this is a must have game. You will destroy days with this game as hours fly. It is a very rewarding rpg game. I give it a 9/10 and that's only because it's a port. I implore you to get this game. I have often been critical of the repetitiveness of nipon games yet this one really redefines fun. The ability to take a ps2 classic with hundreds of hours of potential game play that hasn't been stripped down at all and feels and plays just as smooth is well worth 30$. You will earn back every penny you spent with the countless hours you spend.

Thank you for this game. Now go have fun and play the game!

-First Review
(this was my worst review. I have come far.)