User Rating: 9.7 | Makai Senki Disgaea PS2
Disgaea is a Great Tactical RPG with belly-rumbling humor and an aesthetically appealing visual style. Just like the first reviewer I've played some FFT but didn't bother finishing the game. For one the color palette in FFT is boring. Second its easy to get bogged down in all the different details and options available in FFT. I give Disgaea a gameplay score of 10 because this game is oodles of fun to play. Graphics are very crisp and colorful; use an S-Video cable and you'll see what I mean. The overall sound experience is humorous and quite appropriate. I've topped out value due to how much gameplay I'm getting out of this game. It says 40 hours, but that's if you just zip right through. And the only reason you'ld zip through is to laugh at the storyline that's just overflowing with that crazy Japanese humor. I'm a console and PC gamer, and I've played hundreds of games. I could name the ones I've bothered to finish, and Disgaea is one of them. If you enjoy tactical RPGs, anime inspired visuals, and wacky Japanese humor this game is a must buy. I only recommend plenty of sleep before purchasing; 'cause you'll be losing the hours faster than you can count them. Enjoy.