I selected waste of time because it will waste away your time, but that's a good thing and in a good game addict way

User Rating: 8.5 | Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention VITA
This is a hard core game and it knows it, I believe the masterful design of the mechanics show how they wanted you to discover the complexes tools on your belt instead of showing them to you making the difficulty curve feel more rewarding and empowering but still steep. I know it knows it's hard core because most of the characters are otakus and hard core gamers, spoiler alert mao wants to slay the overlord because he destroyed is game console and he lost all his save data, the greatest back story and plot driving motivation for the main character ever written. Not to mention the glory hole they punched in the 4rth wall giving us quotes like "what a hand game-like mechanic" and many others, for the first time I feel like I'm playing a game by gamers like me for gamers like me, it's pretty intense just how right they get it, Mao basically is almost every nerd gamer so the plot is interestingly relatable for a turn based strategy game based on controlling demon slaves. I love the setting as well, even though the concept of an anti school where students are encouraged to ditch class and flunk sounds almost hard to imagine or present it does a masterful job of showing how not going to school is beneficial to a demon and still incentivizing showing up so the setting doesn't feel broken, you will go to home room whether you like it or not, and some of those subtle touches in the setting fit well the mechanics like what you actually do in home room, prepare yourself for something incredible, if you are looking at a dollar to playtime ratio you won't find anything better for your vita/ps3 it's a good investment at the very least, a real black hole of time.