One Of My Favrote Games

User Rating: 9.5 | SOS: The Final Escape PS2
well what cant i say about disaster report? Its a great original concept
it has a pretty interesting storyline great levels and multipule endings!

when i first got this game it was 5$ at a pawn shop I looked at the back and thought it looked pretty cool! running around getting away from floods and other disasters looked neat

but to my surprise when i started playing this i could not put it down for a good 2 weeks. I have beat the game 5 times and got all the endings this was the only ps2 game were i unlocked everything (other then the warriors were i got 94%) The thing that first caught my attention was the first level on that bridge that is falling down. This game has alot of "cheap thrill moments"
for example, There is a part when you grab a ladder and the part of the bridge your standing on falls into the water but to me i think things like this were used verry well not to often but often enough to keep you alert.

The setting is also pretty cool from what i remeber its a city in the middle of some ocean so try getting away from that alive!

Also this game has so creepy even scary moments not to spoil anything but there is a part were you have to explore this HUGE office building alone in the dark at night now nothing pops out or attacks you but just the feeling of being alone was really great

i would love to see either a sequel or a remake of this amazing game a true testament to original game ideas not many people have played this but the people who have loved it!
and if you ever see it GET IT!

my final score is 9/10

Thank you for reading