A miss understood game. This has to be the best use of a natural disaster ever! If you find this than give it a try.

User Rating: 8.6 | SOS: The Final Escape PS2
This game is wierd. And i love wierd games! Well to the review...

The game begins with Keith Helm on his way to his job on the new man-made island of Stiver Island. Than everything goes down the crapper; the ground begins to shake and you lose contiousness. 2 hours later you wake up with your subway car tipped over. after you emerge to the sunlight; you find out that the bridge your on is breaking apart and thus begins your survival through the hell of what happens when you build a man-made structure. Gameplay is pretty straight forward. You have to try your best to get rescued while dodging falling buildings and concrete. You have to drink water to keep your stamina up and take care of stuff in your path. there are multiple choices you can follow to complete the story. just because there is rescue copters and boats doesn't mean the storys complete. graphics are a dent in the armor because its early ps2 and with all the destruction the framerate gets pretty high and the sound is pretty rancid because all of the falling crap sounds the same. This game is for the story and for the wierdness purely and trust me! if you can find this than you will have a pretty good game on your hands