Anything can happen on a sinking island, and usually does. Luckily, the result isn't a disaster.

User Rating: 8.1 | SOS: The Final Escape PS2
The game the UK will know as SOS: The Final Escape was not released to much acclaim. A loving translation by Irem and the courage of Agetec to release this gem outside of Japan was overlooked, but definitely not wasted. Ignore the crummy box art, this is a budget title with big ideas. Without having to appeal to the masses DR was able to experiment with the survival horror formula, replacing hordes of zombies with a collapsing city.

You start off as a reporter on the bridge linking the city to the outside world, and from the moment the first girder falls you know this will be something different. The set pieces are superb: cars and debris slide off angled surfaces and highways collapse in real time - so if you're not out the way, there won't be much to report...

Eventually you meet fellow survivors and make it your business to uncover the disaster that has befallen the city, introducing a government conspiracy, bla bla bla...

The meat isn't so much in the story as the immersion. At separate intervals you will be running from collapsed buildings, escaping armed gunmen and sprinting up a staircase flooding with water. And there are no cutscenes, this is all you.

Soundwise the game doesn't score major points. There are three or four varieties of rumble that will haunt you through your journey, but thats about it for affecting sound. Voice acting is bad, as you would expect, but at least it's there.

Eeerrmm..that's about it. It's easy to play, the graphics are a bit muddy and the frame rate can be annoying but you'll get over it. Just go find it, it'll be like $5.