User Rating: 7.9 | SOS: The Final Escape PS2
Look! The players love this more than the critics. It seems to me that if the gameplay is good enough, if the experience unique, we can forgive the unpolished graphics, the slightly ropey sound, the block-y sometimes difficult-to-control characters. And Disaster Report (or SOS: Final Escape as it was/is in the UK) falls into that category. Tense, action-packed, many levelled (even moving) action takes the survivor of an earthqueake from a rickety and certain to collapse bridge, through a crumbling city and hopefully to rescue; meeting fellow survivors and uncovering dastardly plots along the way to build a credible cinematic story. The plot is in your hands, with many decisions to make to get to one of 7 (?) different endings (It is possible (depending on a choice you may make) to be rescued barely and hour and a half into the game, depending on your loyalty to fellow survivors). I do pine that no-one saw fit to really polish this game to graphic perfection before it's western release, but DR is still a riveting, absorbing experience that can be replayed many times.