they never learnt about starforce, and now they seam to have thrown away the game content

User Rating: 8 | DiRT PC
im about to start my first race, the graphics are out of this world, it looks authentic as hell, my engines reving up, im about to go, then this strong american accent says to me, "nice and easy, your mr nice and im mr easy" i dont know wether hee's coming on to me or not, but i hit the gas and away i go. with most mc rae games erring on the side of arcade and this time is no different, just like the bad HDR, the physics here is over the top, youl be bouncing around all over the place, steering controlls feel like their all or nothing, and you ricoshe around the course like a pinball.

of course you can minimise this by actually being good at the game, but i dont think you could ever get over it completely. so why do i like this game? well, the tracks are the most authentic things ever, before all you had was a flat track and a bush or tree here or their to make you stear arround it, this is no track its terain. you can be up on high driving on a ridge or in the middle of a load of long grass constantly loosing the track, but it feels like a location not just an imitated space. more variety has been added with new modes and theirs plenty of fun to be had, as an owner of all the mcrae games id still put 4 up their as my favorite. they seam to have thrown away half of the game though, theirs no weather as such, and rally without weather is pointless, no variaty in rally location, no sweeden no snow its all gone, everything that l loved about it. the rally mode is greatly reduced, and has been replaced with carear mode as the main stay of the game, wich concists of single stages (without variety of location or weather they feel the same ) so now it feels like theirs no real game, just single stupidly beautiful stages.