Great Rally Racing Action!

User Rating: 8.5 | Colin McRae: DiRT X360
Dirt is a very fun rally racing game that appeals to drivers of all skill levels and it also has a good variety of offline races to play around with. (Rallycross, Rally, Hill Climb, Crossover, etc.) You have 46 cars to unlock (FWD, 4WD, etc.) and 180 liveries to decorate your cars with. The car models are impressively detailed and the menu designs are rather slick looking, especially when youre looking at your achievements during the load screens. Even when you wreck or damage your cars, seeing them fall apart before your very eyes are an impressive sight. The track locations are also well defined, especially when youre doing the hill climbs and point-to-points with a guide. The frame rate is good,but it takes serious dips whenever the action gets intense. The car handling is rather floaty and might need some getting used to in order to get the feel of them. All that aside, this is a must-have if youre a big fan of rally racing!