It uses STARFORCE and the game sucks, great combo huh?

User Rating: 3 | DiRT PC
I have been playing Colin Mcrae for years now since the very first one and more or less i have enjoyed them, let's say COLIN 1 and 2 were the very best, Colin 3 and 4 weren't as good but acceptable, Colin 2005 redeemed itself and gave us a great and enjoyable rally game (shame on Starforce though)......

fast-forward to 2007 and you get Colin Mcrae Dirt, and stupid me for thinking this is going to be the best Colin Mcrae of them all, but no, i was utterly and totally disappointed.

*Graphics* - Graphics are more or less better than Colin Mcrae 2005 but the developers though ooooohhh BLURRR, let's add Blurrr and make things cool, well it's not, while it does hide some of the crap in the graphics it is very annoying after a while, removing it is also annoying.

game borders on the unplayable sometimes and this is on a Core2Duo E6600 with a 8800GTX 768mb and 2GB Ram, it is nice and smooth then suddenly framerates goes to hell, same happened with a friend that owns an ATI card so it isnt a driver specific problem. not groundbreaking graphics but still looks better than 2005.

*Sound* - Sound is more or less the same as the old ones and at times all cars sound the same under certain conditions, the co-driver you're going to shoot him in the face, trust me. horrible.

*Gameplay* - It is Colin Mcrae and the same routine, they added a new race mode like offroading etc which is good...but wait.......WTF IS THAT!!!
the controls are absolutely the worst piece of s*** you will ever see in a game on a PC, i used to play Colin with my keyboard without any problems and always won my races and enjoyed it, but wtf is that?
the car is like sliding on oil, turning around is almost FPS like rather than proper racing, are we running on skateboards?!

using a gamepad or something helped a bit but the controls are still garbage. whoever programmed this needs to be dropped in a well filled with mud and dust.

one last word, the menus look like AERO Vista and it suuuuckkkkkssss!!


you have to choice to put it straight........

1 - play older versions of COLIN MCRAE

2 - get RICHARD BURNS RALLY, best rally game ever, no contest

They've destroyed the good things that made Colin Mcrae games great and to top it all the game contains STARFORCE. welcome to hell.

DONT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!