Its ok but a bit of a rip off..?

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Its more an addon imo..., im only in the second phase.. maybe theres more?



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Don't know if u play online ,but the tracks that i had play on its the same ones from Dirt 3. I stop playing dirt 3 online because people didn't race they crash u instead Its the same for dirt showdown. Here is a example: started to play it yesterday.i'm fanbase level 2 someone behind me was a level fanbase of 20. now who going to have the better car? the one that is at 20 instead of passing me he wrecks me or: its all right for them to wreck me but when i pay them back they message me carreer mode to me sucks so i guess i have to deal with it online
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The game is great, but other players are not. I try not to wreck anyone, but if I see someone that has wrecked me when they didn't have to, I make sure to pay them back. I don't get mad about it though, the game is made for fender benders.