Don't buy this unfinished waste of time. Another decent series ruined.

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First of all, I have played and completed every dirt game to this date. Showdown is fun, don't get me wrong. But, not sure if this is just on PC, every service is unavailable. They emphasise how important it is to sign up to their service racenet, and link it to your game. 5 tries and each time I get "unable to connect to racenet". Well what a waste of time. Lets link a youtube account? Failed to link account. WTF? Does anything work codemasters? or did you release a beta? Ok, lets send a challenge to my friend (1 person since no one else bought this fail-of-a-game). Request failed, this service is unavailable at this time. Ok , i can understand. Wait? the game froze and crashed to desktop. Now i have to restart the entire event. Dirt, no no no, never again. Learn to release a game when it is fully functioning. Don't even get me started on diablo 3 (another topic). Is it just me, or have game producers turned into crap? Instead of polishing the game and testing it, just throw it on the shelf for quick revenue. Imaging the devs. Hmmm racenet won't work at all. Lets just patch it later. What? can't send a challenge? Damn, patch that in August. Ohhhh, not to mention waiting online for 10 mins to realise i'm probably the only idiot who purchased this game.
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Good luck with a response to  that.

i got it on x-box 360 its does the same thing at times not  all the time though.

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I have it for PS3, and though some times I have to make 2 attempts to connect to RaceNet, the second time always works. There are a few glitches and lag in the online races, but that's rare, and the rest of game works fine for me. Usually have a full 8 other players as well depending on the time of day.

So, unfortunately it might be the PC version that is struggling.