Custom Soundtracks?

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Does anyone know if this game will feature custom soundtracks? 

I have the Destruction Derby 2 soundtrack on my HDD and it would go perfectly with this game.  If it does, I'll seriously consider getting this game because the demo was fun but the music sucked.  If there's no custom music, I'll pass on it for sure.

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Hopefully (keeping with the arcade style they're aiming for) it'll have a customizable soundtrack, or at least a better one than the demo. It is possible they just didn't want to release the soundtracks with the demo.

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Kind of late now, but there is more music in the game than the demo if that helps, I have the PS3 version though so I can't say if the PC version supports custom soundtracks.

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Thanks for the replies.  Yeah, I assumed the full game would be loaded with music in the soundtrack, but by the sound of it, the PS3 version does NOT feature custom soundtracks.  That's a real bummer, because if it did, I would have seriously considered purchasing the game.  But now I'll just pass on it.

I know lack of custom soundtracks is kind of a silly reason to dismiss a game, but it was the one thing that I was really hoping for that would have pushed me over the edge into buying it.