OMG a DS game for the PSP

User Rating: 3.5 | DiRT 2 PSP
Well having already got the PS3 version and in desparate need of a new racer for my PSP it was with some excitement I picked this up - but boy was I in for a shock. None of the fantastic graphics, far too easy, drab events, no money to win to buy new or upgrade vehicles. The first 5 events there wasn't even a choice - just "drive this".

So then - the bad:

Graphics: DS like springs to mind - if these were the level in the DS version then it would be considered quite good but compared to the RELEASE DAY title Ridge Racer the effort here is poor poor poor.

Gameplay: Cars handle poorly with no real differences - they all feel the same. AI should be considered A (no intelligence at all - or racing ability come to that). The only reason I didn't when every race so far completed first time was down to the poor handling! The career mode is way too short and easy to progress through making the whole experience very boring with the odd flash of frustration at the handling.

Sound: Vehicles sound like "Barbie's Lawnmower" and the music is non-existant during races.

The Good:
Erm well I guess the number of modes including some challenges (that suffer from being too easy) plus the usual arcade modes plus career.

Very disappointed and will be heading back to the shop to trade it in for NFS Shift on Friday - still need that racer for the PSP!!