anyone else notice some problems with turning?

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so ive noticed in this game that certain turns really force you to take them in the specific ways even if you could take it in another fashion normally.

I just ran an experiment where i came at the same turn and tried to use the ebrake, tried to come at it slower using engine braking before hand, and about half a dozen other methods before i started hitting the normal brakes.

After that i noticed on that turn that it didnt matter how ugly i was on the pedal as long as i was using the specific method of turning/slowing down they wanted i would come out of the turn smelling like roses and no matter how careful i came in if i didnt use the right method i would pretty much just crash and have little understanding as to why.

i mean i really botched the job and i was able to take the turn like a ninja, and then i hit it like a pro using a different method and then the car just starts sliding and never regains traction.

is this what they warned me about in this game when they tried to tell me it was an more of an arcade style race game?