one of the best simulator games on the ds

User Rating: 10 | Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve DS

Diner dash is a one of the kind, it's one of the best simulators of its type the game is an instant classic. The game is taking the part of flo and placing coloured people at tables while placing food and clearing tables. The game is simply addictive and amazing the game is simple and gets more difficult as the cell phone addicts arrive and the book worms leave. The game goes through a range of environments from 5 locations with bonus levels such as sushi making the game never losing its touch.

The other modes are unlimited play where you play as long as you can while gaining upgrades and not losing stars. Also food critics appear making the game more fun as they are not patient and may leave losing you a star at the end of the level but don't worry about that.

Overall a game for every hard-core gamer loving casual gamers that loves a challenge and wants to dominate the food industry