Dillon's Rolling Western Cheats For 3DS

  1. Arma-Mode

    Complete Stage 3 Day 1 in order to receive the Ancient Buckle which enables Arma-mode, a form in which Dillon becomes Invincible and deals triple the amount of damage to his enemies

    Complete Stage 3, Day 1 Arma-Mode

    Contributed by: Spoinkfan718 

  2. The Old Mission and Sal's Hut

    After you clear the game's final stage, you'll open 2 more locations on your map: The Old Mission and Sal's Hut. The Old Mission is an extra boss that you can fight once you have at least $100,000 in your savings. Sal's Hut allows you to see 3D models of all of the Grocks in the game, you can unlock it by earning all 50 Stars from the stages.

    Beat the game and earn all 50 Stars Sal's Hut
    Beat the game and have at least $100,000 in savings The Old Mission

    Contributed by: Turbo_TRex