Raising your digimon pet

User Rating: 5 | Digimon World PS
I have played this game when i was in elementary school. it was fun back then because im a child and was a digimon maniac.
Play it by a digimon starter Agumon you have to train him everyday so he will be stronger and you can bring down the enemy easier. Trust me the train things is a real headache. Not only train the digimon you have to care about his food, sleep and metabolism. It will greatly effect your digimon evolution by how you treat him before he become champion digimon.
The most disappointing here is when you finally have digimon of your dream and he lost the battle three times you get a new infant digimon and start all over again. So this is hard if you didnt make your digimon stronger your digimon most of the time.
Keep making your digimon stronger but you have the main task here, you have one year to recruit a lot of digimon out there. The battle here is kinda lame, your digimon will do your command but it takes time, depends on the power. The adventure is laughable if i may say. Digimon who run here and there waiting to battle you and sometimes you really need to avoid the enemy you dont know really well.

Good point :
1. For digimon lover this is like tamagochi - PS version

Bad point :
1. Bad quality of graphic
2. Too hard for beginner