Really weird and clumsy

User Rating: 3 | Digimon Savers: Another Mission PS2
First thing you should know about this game is nothing.
If you're not a digimon fans you probably shoudnt waste your money on this game and buy other game. Not to mention in this game you face 7 sins and the boss represent each sin, that makes me want to puke every time i fight them.
The story is readable , no spoiler so i dont think you will need spoiler cause im not into the story, it so lame and old school.

Anyway in the battle you will realize if you already buy this game you will completely want to puke like i did. The battle is so slow to choose the action command and the animation is like "what the hell is happening in this game?" like we're a child to believe that.

Im not here to bad-mouthing this game but this game made me do this. The graphic is so anime but i suggest for anime lover you shoudnt play it , this game is all about headache.

Good point :
1. easy to finish, but who wants?

Bad point :
1. a retarded battle system
2. with not so good graphic
3. full of headache maker music